Places I have performed

I have performed storytelling at “Arts & Culture Club” at Celtic Crown, “Un/Attached” at Judy’s Beat Lounge at the Second City, “The Bar” at CIC Theater, “The Arts” at CIC theater, “Em, M&M” at the Trickery, “Coda” at CIC Theater, “Pour One Out” at Volumes Book Cafe, “Serving The Sentence” at Pub 626, “TenX9” at Kibbitznest, “Juicebox Blend” at The Juicebox , “Chicago Women’s Funny Festival” at Stage 773 & “Is This A Thing” at  O’Shaughnessy’s, “Resilient: A Celebration of Survivors ” at The Playground, “We Met at 9” at Laugh out Loud Theater &  “Beast Women Fall Series 2019” at Prop THTR.