Born to Perform

Jax has performed at “Chicago Women’s Funny Festival” –Stage 773 “LadyLaughs Comedy Festival” –Madison WI, “Fillet of Solo” –Lifeline Theater, “CIC presents Standup” — CIC, “Arts & Culture Club” –Celtic Crown, “Un/Attached” — Judy’s Beat Lounge at the Second City, “The Bar” — CIC Theater, “Serving the Sentence”–The Teal Room, “The Arts” — CIC theater, “Em, M&M” –Trickery, “Coda” — CIC Theater, “Pour One Out” –Volumes Book Cafe, “Serving The Sentence” — Pub 626, “The Skewer”– Cafe Mustache, “Pause”–The Frontier Theater, “TenX9” –Kibbitznest, “Juicebox Blend” –The Juicebox , “Is This A Thing” — O’Shaughnessy’s, “Resilient: A Celebration of Survivors ” — The Playground, “We Met at 9” — Laugh out Loud Theater &  “Beast Women Fall Series” –Prop THTR.

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Jaclyn/Jax (just NEVER Jackie) is a storyteller, improviser & Gemini. A graduate of New York University, she created her own concentration at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study “Fashioning An Identity And The Culture Of Clothing”. She has performed in countless theaters around Chicago and was a part of Chicago Improv Festival, Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, Beast Women & LadyLaughs Comedy Festival. She would’ve killed it at Femproviser Fest in San Francisco but alas, COVID. Her main passion is empowering others to be their best selves while still working on becoming her best self. Follow her on Instagram & Twitter for updates on shows at Jaaaaax (J, 5A’s & an X)!

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