Podcast Appearances

Classroom Crush

This week Rebecca is joined by her very dear friend, hilarious comedy gal Jaclyn Barker! They’re talking about some DRAMATIC, tbh narratively THRILLING long distance high school crushes. Rebecca is telling Jaclyn about the incredible story of NIC, the stranger on the bus. Very Hitchcock, right?? Jaclyn is talking about her IRISH BOY crush, who floated in and out of her life for approx 13 years. This ep has got it all: a Jess Mariano type, bonkers next level internet stalking, a first kiss by a waterfall, (Jaclyn still has the underwear she wore that day), the lawless days of early Facebook, when you feel it’s VITAL to know someone, Post-Potter Depression, thinking you’re Lady Gaga, hilarious time capsule messages, an unforgivable betrayal, a reunion on the other side of the world, and what the hell does JFK being allergic to horses have to do with any of this?? Find out!!

I’ll Be There For You

Pour the coffee and turn up the Carole King, it’s time for our Gilmore Girls episode! Chicago comedian and storyteller Jaclyn Barker recounts returning to the comfort of Stars Hollow after the 2016 election, and how the revival impacted her. Topics include: Dames, Amy Sherman-Palladino, the comfort of Stars Hollow, mother-daughter dynamics, post-election fallout, why Emily Gilmore deserves the world, Paris Geller’s righteous anger, fanservice vs. wish fulfillment, the Gilmore Guys podcast, link-sharing as love language and more

Sit Still Look Opinionated

What Else Is Going On?

In this episode I had the pleasure of talking to Jax Barker @thejaxbarker Jax Is a storyteller, standup comedian and the podcast host of Pop of Passion @popofpassion and we had such a great conversation. We talked about where the podcast name came from and how people use the word passion and how she went from storyteller to stand up comedian. Then we talked about our girls…  these housewives. We get into a little RHOSLC, RHOP and RHOA.
I had so much fun talking to Jax and I’ve already told her she must come back!

You Know They Say

Our friend Jax came over this week to discuss… a lyric?! Technically yes. Did you know “Que Sera Sera” is just gibberish nonsense written for an Alfred Hitchcock film? We talk verbal placeholders, the Loch Ness Monster, and listening to friends.

Upcoming Shows!

Friday April 29th 2022 7:30PM — You Are Here

Ponnopozz Studio + Store

4839 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

You Are Here is an intimate show showcasing local storytellers, poets, and musicians. Our goal is to build a creative community, where we can spotlight you and give everyone a safe space to connect with one another through personal stories!

Hosted by Kayla Mulliniks & Sierra Carter

Stories, poems, and music from local writers, performers, and more!

Suggested Cash or Venmo @youarehereshow Donation at the event. All donations go back into our show so we can pay our performers and keep on creating wonderful shows like this!

We will be located at Ponnopozz Studio and Store seating is limited so RSVP’s are highly encouraged.

limited seating, there will standing room and sit on the floor room! Let’s get comfy BYOB but per usual hosts will provide wine and entertainment.

Vaccination Proof required to attend

Born to Perform

Jax has performed at “Chicago Women’s Funny Festival” –Stage 773 “LadyLaughs Comedy Festival” –Madison WI, “Fillet of Solo” –Lifeline Theater, “CIC presents Standup” — CIC, “Arts & Culture Club” –Celtic Crown, “Un/Attached” — Judy’s Beat Lounge at the Second City, “The Bar” — CIC Theater, “Serving the Sentence”–The Teal Room, “The Arts” — CIC theater, “Em, M&M” –Trickery, “Coda” — CIC Theater, “Pour One Out” –Volumes Book Cafe, “Serving The Sentence” — Pub 626, “The Skewer”– Cafe Mustache, “Pause”–The Frontier Theater, “TenX9” –Kibbitznest, “Juicebox Blend” –The Juicebox , “Is This A Thing” — O’Shaughnessy’s, “Resilient: A Celebration of Survivors ” — The Playground, “We Met at 9” — Laugh out Loud Theater &  “Beast Women Fall Series” –Prop THTR.